Introducing our versatile LED Strip Lights – perfect for various applications. Easy to install, energy-efficient, and durable. Elevate your space today!


Popular current uses: cargo interior lighting, exterior trailer beds & frames, tool boxes, step lighting, under cabinet for living quarters, plus many more applications.

5mm & 10mm Light Strips

  • 12 Volt
  • Special connectors available can be pre-installed
  • Standard is One Wire Lead
  • 2nd Lead Available
  • Available in Soft White (3,000k) & Warm White (4,000k)
  • Also available in RGB option
  • 50,000 Hours Warranty at 12 volts
  • 5mm: Must be ordered in 3 inch increments (3 inch minimum)
  • 10mm: Can be ordered in 1 inch increments (3 inch minimum)

Connector Options

  • We have so many options that we can install on the lighting and the switches and other accessories
  • Options include:
    • Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
    • Molded 1 Way Male/Female & 2 Way Connectors
    • Standard insulated Male/Female Connectors
    • Plus, many others
  • We can put mating connectors into our custom trailer harnesses that will allow you to hookup these with ease

Push Button DIY Off/On Switch Universal DC12V Switch

  • Easy to control the circuit power OFF/On
  • Use power supply 7A/12V
  • Maximum 10A/12V
  • Voltage range: 0-220V
  • The higher the voltage, the more the current will decrease
  • 220V is less than 3.5A current
  • Easy installation: double-sided adhesive paste installation

Mini PIR Motion Sensor Switch with Built in Timer

  • This Mini PIR Sensor automatically powers on connected 12 VDC or 24 VDC LED lights when human motion is detected
  • The sensors will power on lights at night or during the day
  • An adjustable dial allows your lights to remain on for 1, 3, 5, 8, or 10 minutes
  • Motion detection range is within 8 meters (26′) of the PIR sensor

Single Color LED Dimmer – Wireless RF Remote – 8 Amps – LED Dimmer with RF Remote

  • This LED dimmer is wireless RF remote is perfect for operating your single color LED light strips
  • The LED dimmer and remote have brightness arrow buttons to dim light strips from 0-100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PMW)
  • Power-cycle mode retention allows your light strip to return to the mode that was selected before it was powered off
  • The dimmer has a maximum load capacity of 8 amps and is compatiale with LED light strips that operate within a 12-24V DC range
  • Spring terminal connectors on the dimmer allow for power in and out connections and are polarity sensitive (red is positive and black is negative)
  • Includes remote battery


  • Made in the USA
  • 12 or 24 Volt Power
  • Easy to Install
  • Can be used both outside and inside trailers
  • Pre-Wired on One or Both Ends (can be wired in series)
  • High quality – long life adhesive backed – easy pull and install
  • Ends are sealed with waterproof sealant
  • Available in many lengths (custom lengths also available)
  • 2 widths offered: 10mm & 5mm (5mm must be in 3 inch increments)
  • More LED’s per inch than the competition
  • Several switch options with and without dimming
  • We can customize with terminals or molded connectors for easy installation (upcharge required)
  • 50,000 hour LED warranty (at 12 volts)